National Moscato Day

National Moscato DayNational Moscato Day

Pour yourself a glass of this deliciously sweet wine for National Moscato Day on May 9th. One of the most popular wines in the US, Moscato comes from the Moscato Blanco grape of the muscat family. 

The exact origins of Moscato and the grapes it is made from are unknown, but it may have come from the southeast Arabian Peninsula before making its way to Italy where it is widely grown.

The origins of National Moscato Day, however, are clearly documented as it was initiated in 2012 by Gallo Family Vineyards. The family-owned company has been producing wine, including Moscato, since 1933.

Pick up a bottle of this versatile, light, and sweet wine to celebrate National Moscato Day on May 9th. Or make a night of it at your favorite restaurant with a few glasses or a bottle paired with your favorite pasta, chicken, or seafood.

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