National Shrimp Day

National Shrimp DayNational Shrimp Day

Celebrate National Shrimp Day on May 10th and share in the culinary experience of America’s favorite seafood. Shrimp are decapod crustaceans, and although they are very similar and often referred to as prawns, the two are distinct decapods. 

Shrimp have existed for more than 200 million years, and like many creatures that have been around that long, they have remained essentially unchanged for much of that time. As a food source for use humans, shrimp have been found in records that date back to ancient Roman and Greek times. However, the actual use of shrimp as food goes back even further, potentially as far as 100,000 years ago.  

The modern era of shrimp harvesting began in the 17th century when shrimpers in Louisiana would haul up the tasty crustations using seines, nets that surround a certain area trapping all within. From there, mechanization during WWII saw the dawn of shrimp harvesting as we know it today, and in the 1980s, shrimp farming became a popular practice, especially in China.

However they are caught, enjoy some fresh shrimp thie May 10th for National Shrimp Day. Experiment with a new recipe or enjoy their pure, unaltered excellence with a shrimp cocktail.

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