National Filet Mignon Day

National Filet Mignon DayNational Filet Mignon Day

Sharpen your steak knives and get ready to sink your teeth into one of the finest cuts of beef on August 13th for National Filet Mignon Day. 

This specialty cut comes from the small end of the beef tenderloin, making it a very small portion of the usable meat in a cow, and is highly coveted for its tenderness. Because the cut is so lean, filet mignon is often wrapped in bacon before cooking to add flavor and preserve the moisture of the steak. 

The name filet mignon comes from the French for cute or dainty fillet, however, the cut itself is not called fillet mignon in French but filet de boeuf or simply beef fillet. The term was coined in 1906 and, before that, the cut was generally referred to as tenderloin steak or steak medallions. 

So whether you pick up a cut from the grocery store or butcher or head out to your favorite steak house, be sure to indulge in this prime cut of beef for National Filet Mignon Day on August 13th.

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