National Julienne Fries Day

National Julienne Fries DayNational Julienne Fries Day

Grab your favorite condiments and dig into these delicious salty snacks for National Julienne Fries Day on August 12th. Also called shoestring fries, julienne fries, much like their less crispy counterpart the French fry, have an unclear origin. 

The original French fry was created either in the French speaking area of Belgium during the 18th century or in France in 1789 where they were sold by street vendors. Either way, the salty snack quickly became a crowd favorite and variations naturally followed. 

The earliest and most comprehensive record of the julienne cut comes from Book of the Table in 1877. In the text, the author examines the source of the julienne cut citing a recipe for julienne soup in which all of the ingredients  are cut into thin, uniform slices like matchsticks.  

Regardless of their precise origins, be sure to grab a basket of these crunchy fries at your local diner or chip truck on August 12th for National Julienne Fries Day.

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