National Cherry Tart Day

National Cherry Tart DayNational Cherry Tart Day

Don’t miss out on this delicious and beneficial treat for National Cherry Tart Day on June 18th. The open faced pastry shows off the bright red fruit filling full of antioxidants and all the nutrients cherries have to offer.

Cherries themselves didn’t make their way to North America until the 1600s when French settlers brought seeds to grow the trees in their gardens. From there, cherry trees were introduced to Michicgan in 1893.

As for the Cherry Tart, it’s invention came sometime after, the exact dates and circumstances of which are unknown. Cherry Tart Day, however, is thought to have come about in direct connection with Michigan’s National Cherry Festival held each year to celebrate the delicious and helpful fruit and all the wonderful foods it is used to make. 

Don’t miss out on the celebration of this nutritious and oh so delicious treat for National Cherry Tart Day on June 18th.

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