National Apple Strudel Day

National Apple Strudel DayNational Apple Strudel Day

National Apple Strudel Day takes place on June 17th to honor the long history of this tasty baked treat. Where exactly that history begins is a subject of some debate. 

As the word strudel is German, meaning whirlpool, it seems logical that apple strudel would be a German invention, but there are those that point to Austria as the true source of this fruity delight, with more even looking at Greece or Turkey as the original birthplace. 

Regardless of where it first came to be made, the first record that exists of apple strudel dates to 1697 at the Vienna Town Hall Library. The first records of strudel in general can be traced back to an 8th century B.C. Assyrian manuscript that described a meal made from layers of puff pastry filled with honey and nuts. 

Celebrate the long history of the delicious baked good on June 17th for National Apple Strudel Day.

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