Hibiscus Is Happening

Hibiscus Is HappeningHibiscus Is Happening

Hibiscus is a genus category of flowers with many individual species falling under the heading. A number of these can be used to make hibiscus tea, by far the most popular preparation of the plant, but the most common varieties used for the purpose are Hibiscus sabdariffa and acetosella. 

Along with its enticingly exotic floral flavor, hibiscus tea also provides a number of nutritional benefits including a high concentration of antioxidants and polyphenols, which have powerful anti-cancer properties. Hibiscus tea has also been linked to improved liver function, lower blood pressure, and increased resilience against bacteria. 

Because of the strong association hibiscus has with these health benefits, it has become a new standard flavor in the health and wellness product space. Many products with functional benefit claims are using hibiscus as both a nutritional ingredient and a trending flavor. 

Hibiscus flavors are most common in flavor applications as there is already a connected level of familiarity with drinking hibiscus tea, but it is also suitable for cosmetic, candy, and other confectionery applications. 

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