National Tapioca Day

National Tapioca DayNational Tapioca Day

June 28th marks National Tapioca Day. Celebrate this versatile treat made from the cassava root, also known as manioc or yucca.

Tapioca pudding is the most popular American dish made with cassava. It combines tapioca pearls and a creamy milk-based liquid to create the distinct texture of the pudding.

The slippery starch originated in Brazil, in fact, the word tapioca comes from a Tupi word, “Tipi'óka”, which translates directly as sediment or coagulent. Over the centuries, tapioca spread to other parts of the Americas and eventually was transported around the globe.

In 1983, tapioca pearls were introduced to Taiwan by Liu Han-Chieh. From there, the creation of bubble tea brought a renewed interest in tapioca. The first wave of the bubble tea craze came in the 1990s when the drink first made its way into American cities, with a resurgence in popularity in the 2000s with more commercial options like Boba Guys. 

So whether you grab a bubble tea from your favorite local cafe or boba shop, or you make a batch of tapioca pudding from your grandmother’s recipe, be sure to celebrate National Tapioca Day on June 28th.

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