National Chocolate Pudding Day

National Chocolate Pudding DayNational Chocolate Pudding Day

Get excited for this classic dessert snack for National Chocolate Pudding Day on June 26th. 

Made with milk, sugar, flour or cornstarch, and chocolate and vanilla flavoring, chocolate pudding has been around since at least 1730 when the recipe first appeared in print. However, this type of pudding was vastly different from the type we know today.

Modern chocolate pudding is a cousin on chocolate custard, which was invented sometime around the beginning of the 20th century with the first recipes appearing in 1903 and 1918. In 1934, Jello chocolate pudding mix hit the shelves under the name “Walter Baker’s Dessert” later renamed “Pickle’s Pudding”. 

Whether you make your own from scratch, out of a box, or just pop the top on a snack pack, make sure to make room for this decadent snack on June 26th for National Chocolate Pudding Day.

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