National Peach Pie Day

National Peach Pie DayNational Peach Pie Day

Celebrate the closing out of the seasonal peach harvest with a slice of this classic dessert for National Peach Pie Day on August 24th. 

While the history of pies in general stretches back to ancient times, modern sweet pies really took off after the pastry became popular in the U.S. in the 1800s. By 1947, The Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking had accumulated a list of 65 different types of sweet pie. 

While peaches are closely associated with Georgia, it’s actually California that produces the most of the fuzzy fruit in the U.S. And they aren’t just delicious. These succulent stone fruits are packed with beneficial nutrients like vitamins C, A, E, and K as well as potassium, copper, and magnesium. 

So whether you pick one up from your local bakery, grab a slice at your favorite diner, or try your hand at whipping up your own, be sure to have at least a bite on August 24th for National Peach Pie Day.

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