National IPA Day

National IPA DayNational IPA Day

Crack open a cold one in celebration of National IPA Day on August 3rd. IPA is short for Indian Pale Ale, a type of beer that has been made popular by the craft beer movement. 

IPA is one of the most popular types of craft beers and can be found anywhere from microbreweries to restaurants and pubs and even in the regular stock at liquor and grocery stores. 

Despite IPA’s more recent rise to popularity, the concept and process were actually developed in the 1700s in order to increase the longevity of beer being shipped to warm climates. They achieved this by fermenting barley and using hops which give IPA’s their distinctive taste. 

This historical version is a bit different from the IPAs that have been created since the microbrewery-driven resurgence which began in the 1970s as the American IPA was developed in 1975 by brewers in San Francisco. 

Thanks to Ashley Rousten, we now have the official holiday, started in 2011, to celebrate this popular craft beer. So be sure to raise a glass from your favorite brewery on August 3rd for National IPA Day.

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