Cannabis Cuisine

Cannabis CuisineCannabis Cuisine

As cannabis gains more ground in the fight for legalization across the globe it also becomes more socially acceptable. This growing acceptance has led to significant growth in cannabis cuisine as well.

A far cry from the cannabis cookies you tried to make in university, cannabis cuisine has evolved to include a wide range of infused dishes. While baked goods and candies still make up a significant portion of the edibles market, oil and butter infusing machines, like the LEVO II and the Magical Butter Machine, make it easy for anyone to start their at-home cooking with cannabis adventure. 

Once you have your cannabis cooking oil or butter, you can add it to any number of dishes. One thing to keep in mind as you cook: Decarboxylation, the process by which the psychoactive compounds in cannabis are activated, takes place at temperatures between 200 and 245ºF. Because of this temperature sensitivity, it is recommended to avoid cooking at temperatures exceeding 250ºF.

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