National Gumbo Day

National Gumbo DayNational Gumbo Day

Break out the big pot and boil up some of this delish savory dish for National Gumbo Day on October 12th.

Born out of Cajun traditions with roots in African culture, gumbo is one of the most famous foods of New Orleans. Its first known creation dates to 1802 and the comments of surgeon John Siley, but the recipe had likely already been in circulation for some time as the West African okra dishes it evolved from stretch back thousands of years. 

The dish’s popularity grew throughout the 19th century coming to a peak in the 1970s as a result of gumbo being added to the menu of the U.S. Senate. As the official cuisine of Louisiana, it’s no wonder that The World Championship Gumbo Cook-Off takes place in the city of New Iberia.

So whether you prefer seafood, chicken, or sausage gumbo, be sure to have a heaping bowl of this stew-like dish on October 12th for National Gumbo Day.

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