National “Grits for Breakfast” Day

National “Grits for Breakfast” DayNational “Grits for Breakfast” Day

Wake up to this Southern staple on September 2nd for National “Grits for Breakfast” Day.  

Originally developed by Native Americans, grits have become somewhat synonymous with Southern cooking. They are made of corn that is coarsely ground and are similar in consistency to porridge. 

There are plenty of ways to dress your grits, as they aren’t especially flavorful on their own. You can go as simple as butter and salt or boost the taste with garlic, cheese, bacon, or whatever sounds good.

You can even fry grits into grit cakes. Make a big batch and store them in the refrigerator to have ready to warm up and enjoy in the morning. 

No matter how you like them, be sure to make your own or head to your favorite diner for National “Grits for Breakfast” Day on September 2nd.

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