National Welsh Rarebit Day

National Welsh Rarebit DayNational Welsh Rarebit Day

Whip up a plate of this cheekily named dish for National Welsh Rarebit Day on September 3rd. Originally called Welsh Rabbit as something of a joke, the dish made its first print appearance in 1725 in The Art of Cookery. 

As it gained popularity throughout the century, the name slowly gave way from rabbit to rarebit. It was often served as a supper dish in taverns at the time with slight variations in the recipe for English and Scottish versions. 

The dish also spawned a number of slightly different spin-off dishes like the Golden Buck, which simply has eggs on top, or the Blushing Bunny with the addition of tomatoes.

Despite all of these delicious additions, be sure to give the original Welsh version a go on September 3rd for National Welsh Rarebit Day.

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