National Egg Day

National Egg DayNational Egg Day

Get cracking! It’s National Egg Day on October 14th. Established by the International Egg Commission at its 1996 conference in Vienna, the day celebrates the importance and benefit of eggs.

When we talk about eggs, we generally mean the chicken egg, but many other animals lay eggs like ducks, turkeys, and other birds as well as fish, giving us the delicacy caviar, and even crocodiles and octopuses. 

With how widespread the existence of egg-laying animals and the general ease of gathering eggs compared to hunting meat, eggs became not only a major food source for nearly every culture around the world, but also represented cultural and spiritual symbolism, especially around fertility.

The life giving metaphor of eggs is apt as they are highly nutritious, full of protein, vitamins A, B6, B12, D and K, minerals like iron, copper, and zinc, and the compound choline, which serves a vital role in brain development.

So whether you like them scrambled, sunnyside up, poached, fried, over easy, over medium, or over hard, be sure to treat yourself to your favorite style of eggs on October 14th for National Egg Day.

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