National Coffee Ice Cream Day

National Coffee Ice Cream DayNational Coffee Ice Cream Day

Don’t miss out on celebrating this cold, caffeinated combination for National Coffee Ice Cream Day on September 6th.  

While ice cream itself dates back as far as 3,000 BCE, coffee wasn’t discovered until the 9th century and wasn’t cultivated or traded until the 15th century. Coffee grew in popularity until it became a household commodity in the 17th century. 

Coffee ice cream in all its glory wasn’t invented until 1869 when it was first used in a parfait. The recipe then appeared stand-alone in a 1919 cookbook. Since then, it has grown in popularity to become a staple of most ice cream shops.

Whether you have yours in a cup, a cone, or as part of a parfait, be sure to have at least a scoop or two of this tasty treat on September 6th for National Coffee Ice Cream Day.

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