National Beer Lovers Day

National Beer Lovers DayNational Beer Lovers Day

Break open a case of your favorite brew on September 7th for National Beer Lovers Day. As one of the oldest known beverages, beer has been a part of human history perhaps even as long as humans have had a recorded history.  

A by-product of the Agricultural Revolution which took place around 10,000 BCE, brewing methods have been discovered in Ancient China dating back as far as 7,000 BCE, but it is speculated that the true origin of the practice may have come at the dawn of the Agricultural Revolution some 3,000 years earlier. 

Regardless of where and when beer was first discovered, it has had plenty of time since then to spread across the globe with the addition of regionally available ingredients and culturally specific practices that became an important part of the brewing process. 

In the West, many brewing practices have been modeled after German techniques, as the traditions were brought to America by European immigrants in the 1800s. Many of those who were successful during the 19th century are still common names in the beer game today.

However, the giants of the North American beer game have begun to cede ground to the growing wave of craft and micro-brewed options that have brought special attention to the skill, passion, and artistry of beermaking. 

So no matter the style, origin, or flavor, fill up a glass with your foamy favorite for National Beer Lovers Day on September 7th.

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