National Chop Suey Day

National Chop Suey DayNational Chop Suey Day

Bring your appetite to celebrate this savory sensation for National Chop Suey Day on August 29th. 

The invention of chop suey is often dated to 1896 and credited to the country of Taishan in the Guandong province thanks to the work of anthropoligist and scholar of Chinese food, E.N. Anderson. The dish was originally called tsap seui which roughly translates to miscellaneous leftovers. 

There are many myths and legends surrounding the dish that place it’s true origin as much earlier than this, but Anderson’s evidence points to the oldest credible origin. There are also stories that place the creation of the dish in the hands of Chinese immigrants in the U.S., and while this may not be accurate, the role of chop suey in the cultural experience of these immigrants is not to be undersold.  

Regardless of the truth of its original creation, chop suey’s popularity has made it a staple of American Chinese cuisine so be sure to grab an order from your local Chinese restaurant on August 29th for National Chop Suey Day.

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