National Cherry Turnover Day

National Cherry Turnover DayNational Cherry Turnover Day

Make sure to take a moment to appreciate this tasty pastry for National Cherry Turnover Day on August 28th. 

Turnovers used to be called portable pies and were invented in ancient times. Cherries themselves were first cultivated by the Greeks, a practice later carried on by the Romans. 

The domestication and widespread cultivation of cherries spread throughout Europe in the 15th century where they became popular enough to subsequently be imported to North America in the 1600s by English colonists. 

When exactly cherries were first added to pastry to make turnovers is unclear, but the popularity of such pastries has grown alongside the advances in technology such as modern cultivation practices in the 1800s, and premade, refrigerated dough in the 1950s.

So whether you order one out at your favorite local cafe or bakery or pop a few Pillsbury pre-made pastries in the oven, be sure to enjoy these cherry filled delights on August 28th for National Cherry Turnover Day.

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