National Chocolate Chip Day

National Chocolate Chip DayNational Chocolate Chip Day

Make your favorite chocolate chip treat on May 15th to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day. This versatile confectionary staple can be added to just about any dessert or baked good, but it came to be and owes much of its fame to its star role in chocolate chip cookies. 

The first chocolate chip cookie recipe was created by Ruth Graves Wakefield from Whitman Massachusetts in 1937. She created the iconic cookie while working at the Toll House Inn by chopping up a semi-sweet Nestle chocolate bar and adding the pieces to a cookie recipe. 

In 1939, Wakefield’s recipe was added to the packaging of Nestle’s chocolate bars and she was given a lifetime supply of chocolate in exchange. Because of Wakefield’s contribution, Nestle named their cookie brand Toll House after the inn where the recipe was created. 

By 1941, Nestle, as well as other confectioners, began making chocolate morsels and chips. The original chocolate chips only came in semi-sweet chocolate, but as time went on new flavors became more common including white, dark, and milk chocolate, mint, bittersweet, and even white and dark chocolate swirled. 

Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15th by adding your favorite type of chocolate chip to every meal of the day! Start with chocolate chip pancakes, waffles, or muffins for breakfast, a chocolate chip granola bar or cookie with lunch, and chocolate chip ice cream or brownies, maybe even both, after dinner.

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