National Caramel Apple Day

National Caramel Apple DayNational Caramel Apple Day

There’s no better day to enjoy this Halloween treat on National Caramel Apple Day on October 31st. The holiday is sponsored by the National Confectioner’s Association and is meant to celebrate this nostalgic seasonal delight.

The first caramel apple was created by Dan Walker, an employee with Kraft Foods, who took a number of leftover caramel candies and melted them down before dipping the apples to coat them in the liquified candy. The candy-coated fruit was an instant hit and quickly became a beloved part of many families’ Halloween and harvest celebrations. 

So whether you prefer the creamy, toffee-like caramel coating, the red, glass-like candy coating, or a gourmet chocolate-covered apple, be sure to take the time to savor the classic Halloween treat on October 3st for National Caramel Apple Day.

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