National Candy Corn Day

National Candy Corn DayNational Candy Corn Day

Get ready to celebrate this Halloween season classic for National Candy Corn Day on October 30th.

Celebrated the day before Halloween, the exact origins of National Candy Corn Day are unknown, but the birth of candy corn itself is fairly well documented. George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company in Philadelphia created the tricolored treat by mixing water, sugar, corn syrup, fondant, marshmallows, and carnauba wax to make the yellow, orange, and white treats.

Despite this early creation, candy corn didn’t gain popularity until a new version was released by the Goelitz Candy Company, the makers of Jelly Bellys, in 1889. Since then, there have been numerous variations of taste, color, and shape.

So whether you prefer the classic orange, yellow, and white, pumpkin shaped, or even rootbeer flavored, be sure to have a handful of these delicious fall treats to get in the mood for Halloween on October 30th for National Candy Corn Day.

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