Fishless Fish

Fishless FishFishless Fish

As the plant-based meat market continues to grow and technology catches up to innovation, we have seen the creation of such realistic meat substitutes that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart. 

One of the more difficult animal-based products to recreate is fish. The first difficulty presents with the wide variety of flavors and textures that already exist. Choosing the right type of fish to emulate is a careful calculation of what is most popular with consumers as well as which types will lend themselves to a more favorable plant-based substitute. 

Impossible Foods is currently in development of a fishless fish product made from the same protein sources as their other plant-based meat alternatives. The other major player in the meatless game, Beyond Meat, has stated that they will remain focused on beef, pork, and chicken.

While the two giants of the industry still haven’t put out their fishless fish products, there are plenty of smaller companies, many of which focus solely on plant-based seafood, that have great products already on the market. Check out the Vegan Zeastar line from Vegan Finest Foods or The Plant Based Seafood Co.

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