National Tea Day

National Tea DayNational Tea Day

Tea has consistently been one of the most popular beverages in the world for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Given it’s longstanding history and the role it has played in shaping the face of the modern world, it’s no surprise that tea has its own day of celebration. 

National Tea Day takes place on the 21st of April to encourage use and further ingenuity and experimentation to expand the experience of tea drinking. The day was officially founded in 2016, using the date of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday to mark out the significance of tea’s impact on Britain and the many lands that it colonized. 

While tea may have many ties to Britain, it originated in China long before it was ever a part of European life. A Portugese woman named Catherine of Braganza is often credited with bringing the brew to England as part of her dowry for her marriage to King Charles II in 1662. 

From there, tea became a favorite of the aristocracy and eventually a ubiquitous part of British, and overall European, life. And then, of course, who can forget the infamous Boston tea party where a small group of American revolutionaries dumped over 92,000 pounds of tea into Boston harbor in protest of increased taxes and the chokehold grip that the East India Company held over the tea market.

Celebrate tea’s long history with your favorite black, green, oolong, or herbal tea. Bagged tea is readily available, but if you want to try your hand at a more artisanal brew try some looseleaf, you can even try your hand at divining your future through the shapes the tea leaves settle into at the bottom of your cup.

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