National Eggs Benedict Day

National Eggs Benedict Day is celebrated on April 16th, but the exact history of the dish is still up for debate. National Eggs Benedict Day

April 16th marks the celebration of the sensational breakfast phenomenon, National Eggs Benedict Day. The brunch favorite is made by placing a poached egg on top of an English muffin with ham and Hollandaise sauce. 

As is often the case when looking at history, there are two competing stories about how eggs Benedict came to be. The first leans into the name of the dish citing a mild obsession over the egg recipe by Pope Benedict XIII. The other seems much more specific and subsequently credible, pointing to a specific order from one Lemuel Benedict, a stockbroker, at the Waldorf Hotel in New York in 1894. He ordered toast, a poached egg, bacon, and a side of Hollandaise, and the staff at the Waldorf were so impressed that they made the meal a regular feature on their menu, with a few substitutions of course. 

While most of the ingredients for eggs Benedict are fairly simple to put together, the Hollandaise sauce requires a little more finesse. If the endeavor seems beyond you, then celebrate the day with a lovely breakfast or brunch at your favorite local diner or breakfast cafe.

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