Coffee Alternatives

Coffee AlternativesCoffee Alternatives

There are lots of reasons to avoid drinking coffee: Decreasing caffeine intake, environmental and humanitarian concerns, or because you just don’t like it. Whatever your reason for seeking out alternatives to traditional coffee, you’re in luck. There is a large and growing number of options for coffee alternatives.

Mushroom coffee uses medicinal grade mushrooms such as Chaga, reishi, turkey’s tail, and lion’s mane mixed with coffee to add functional health benefits and reduce the amount of caffeine in each cup. 

If you want to get away from coffee completely, chicory coffee offers a sustainable, caffeine-free option that still holds a bold and invigorating flavor. The roots of the chicory plant, a tough-stemmed member of the dandelion family, are roasted and ground to make the coffee.

Can’t leave the caffeine completely behind? Try a chai tea. The luxurious dark tea is traditionally made using milk with spices and black tea, most commonly Assam tea. The warmth and creaminess of chai bring it about as close to coffee as tea can be. 

Want to cut the caffeine but still need an energy boost to get you going? Cacao coffee might be a good fit for you. Instead of caffeine, cacao coffee relies on theobromine to help dilate blood vessels, which increases blood flow and helps you feel energized and alert without worrying about a caffeine crash mid-afternoon.

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