Chickpeas and Olive Oil: A Love Story

Chickpeas and Olive Oil: A Love StoryChickpeas and Olive Oil: A Love Story

Humans have been cultivating and consuming chickpeas and olive oil for thousands of years. With both having such a long-standing presence in our collective history as humans, it’s not surprising that the two have been entwined in recipes and dishes from cultures throughout the world.  

Chickpeas are packed with proteins, folate, dietary fiber, iron, and other vitamins and minerals like zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6, and thiamin. They can be eaten raw, often as a crunchy addition to salads, or cooked to release high levels of amino acids and create a softened texture that puts the “mm” in hummus. 

Olive oil is believed to have originated in Egypt as far back as 4,000 B.C. and chickpeas have been found among remains in the Middle East dating back even further to roughly 7,500 years ago. This means that the cultivation of chickpeas predates the production of pottery in the region.  

While hummus is an easy and common dish to make using these two ancient ingredients, there are a wide range of recipes that utilize the special bond between chickpeas and olive oil. 

Check out the Olive Oil–Braised Chickpeas From Joy the Baker on Food52 or try your hand at some Sautéed Garlic Olive Oil Chickpeas from Savor the Thyme

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