National Chocolate Mousse Day

chocolate mousse day, chocolate mousse flavoringNational Chocolate Mousse Day

National Chocolate Mousse Day is April 3rd. The delicious dessert originated in France in the 1800s after chocolate was introduced to France in 1615

Mousse, which means ‘foam’ in French, was originally crafted as a savory dish, later being incorporated as a dessert as chefs began experimenting with chocolate in the wake of its increased availability. A mousse can range from airy and light to a denser, but still delectable, cream. 

Making mousse is easier today than ever with automatic mixers and pre-separated egg whites, but the process is still a delicate one that many would call an art form. Celebrate the day with dinner at a lovely French restaurant or, if you’re feeling ambitious, try Julia Child’s famous perfect chocolate mousse recipe.

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