National Cordon Bleu Day

national cordon bleu dayNational Cordon Bleu Day

April 4th marks National Cordon Bleu Day. Most often made by stuffing chicken with cheese and ham then breading the chicken before frying or baking. Cordon Bleu can also be made using pork or veal and the choice of cheese is entirely up to you, though swiss is most common.

The dish is thought to have originated in Switzerland despite its French name meaning “Blue Ribbon” or “First Place”  where it is known as schnitzel. The Swiss schnitzel variation is most commonly made with gruyere cheese, as swiss cheese is not actually from Switzerland. 

Regardless of the confusing origins of Cordon Bleu, its appeal and presence have become universal. You can find a wide range of variations to the recipe from across the globe, including vegan Cordon Bleu, to try your hand at this stuffed marvel in celebration of the day.    

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