National Peach Cobbler Day

National Peach Cobbler DayNational Peach Cobbler Day

National Peach Cobbler Day is on April 13th and celebrates the longstanding tradition of this 19th-century dessert. 

Originally created by European colonists in America, the recipe came to life out of necessity and ingenuity. The high price and pure lack of traditional European supplies meant cooks had to get creative. 

The main difference between a cobbler and a pie is the crust: Pies have a crust underneath the filling as well as on top, cobblers only have a crust on the top. Since this top crust is traditionally made with biscuit or dumpling dough, it is much thicker and segmented compared to a pie crust. The bumpy surface is likely where the cobbler gets its name as it resembles cobblestones. 

While the dessert itself was created back in the 1800s, National Peach Cobbler Day wasn’t invented until the 1950s to promote sales of canned peaches at the Georgia Peach Festival.

Celebrate the day with your favorite homemade or store-bought cobbler. Serve warm with ice cream or it on its own, there’s no wrong way to enjoy peach cobbler.

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