National Wild Foods Day

National Wild Foods DayNational Wild Foods Day

Get your foraging basket ready, it’s time to celebrate National Wild Foods Day on October 28th. 

While the exact origin of National Wild Foods Day is unknown, it is likely that wild food enthusiast Euell Gibbons had a hand in its creation or at least its popularization starting around 1974. Despite this relatively recent celebration, wild foods themselves have been around for over 40 million years. 

Wild foods include any wild-growing fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, herbs, flowers, or other edible plants. One of the biggest draws for wild foods is that they grow without human intervention, which means no pesticides, genetic modifications, or preservatives. Wild foods are also seen to be more eco-friendly as there is no carbon impact from farming practices. 

So whether you have the knowledge necessary to go out and forage some wild foods of your own or you simply enjoy some wild foraged foods from your favorite vegan or raw foods restaurant on October 28th for National Wild Foods Day.

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