National Taco Day

National Taco DayNational Taco Day

Get ready for the ultimate Taco Tuesday on October 4th for National Taco Day. A staple of Mexican cuisine dating back to before the European colonization of South America.

The Indigenous people that lived in the Valley of Mexico ate corn tacos filled with fish from the many lakes of the region. These fish tacos are what they presented to Spanish conquistadors during feasts and they became a fast favorite of the Spanish in South America. 

The popularity of the versatile taco spread until the dish found acceptance in the culinary minds of California starting in 1914. From there, the dish continued to gain fame throughout the 1920s with the publication of Ramona’s Spanish-Mexican Cookery in 1929.

The now worldwide franchise Taco Bell was formed just a generation later in 1962 bringing Mexican-American food to a wider population than ever. Only two years later, The National Taco Council was established, an organization that would later send 55 lbs of tacos to President Johnson in 1967.

So whether you prefer a hard shell or soft, corn or flour, chicken, beef, or pork, be sure to visit your local taqueria on October 4th for National Taco Day, you might even get a free taco!

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