National Rum Day

National Rum DayNational Rum Day

Raise a glass to this smooth Caribbean spirit for National Rum Day on August 16th. An ancient form of the spirit was first distilled around the 3rd century BCE, but the modern iteration came out of the 17th-century colonization of the Caribbean for sugarcane production. 

Rum is made from molasses, a byproduct of sugar production, so the distillation of rum on the plantation-filled islands of the Caribbean seems a natural extension of the sugar production process. 

As the spirit spread throughout the colonized isles and on into America, it became so popular that it represented 80% of the total exports of the whole of New England. Today, rum is the third most popular spirit in the United States behind vodka and whiskey. 

So whether you like it spiced, white, dark, or gold, be sure to take a moment to sip on a glass of this sugarcane creation on August 16th for National Rum Day.

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