National Punch Day

National Punch DayNational Punch Day

Break out the punch bowl and serve up a cup of this party classic for National Punch Day on September 20th. 

Having originally been invented in India, punch was a hit with British sailors working for the East India Company who brought the drink with them when they returned home as well as to other stops on their long voyages. The term punch was documented as first being used in 1632 and the first published recipe dates back to 1638.  

The drink soon gained a wealth of popularity and continued to spread throughout Europe during the 17th century. There were even punch houses, dedicated to serving punch, popping up in England starting in 1671.

Punch remained primarily unchanged throughout the 18th and 19th centuries with its popularity dropping off towards the dawning of the 20th century. But, in 1934, punch got a facelift with the invention of Hawaiian Punch, which would quickly become a favorite of children.

So whether you have a real punch bowl to serve it in or you just use a juice jug or even a mixing bowl, revive the old tradition and make yourself some punch on September 20th for National Punch Day.

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