National Nut Day

National Nut DayNational Nut Day

Get your nutcrackers and mallets ready to crack open some of these delicious snacks for National Nut Day for October 22nd. 

The day itself was created in 2015 by the Liberation Foods Company as a way to celebrate the importance and benefits of this historically significant food. According to the Nutcracker Museum, there is evidence of humans eating nuts reaching back over 800,000 years. 

There are a wide variety of edible nuts that have originated across the globe and have become important parts of many cultures and cuisines. Nuts, in general, are packed with nutrients including protein, making them a prized energy source.

While most types of nuts can be eaten raw, many prefer to roast, bake, or otherwise cook them before eating. But nuts aren’t just an important food item for humans, they provide food to a massive array of animals around the world. 

So whether you prefer peanuts or pecans, cashews or walnuts, make sure to have a handful of these nutritious snacks foods on October 22nd for National Nut Day.

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