National Mulled Cider Day

National Mulled Cider DayNational Mulled Cider Day

Break out your favorite cozy sweater and enjoy a mug of spicy, warm goodness to welcome in the fall for National Mulled Cider Day on September 30th.

The tradition of mulling cider and wine, or heating and adding sugar and spices, goes all the way back to the Ancient Greeks who used the method to improve the taste and longevity of subpar and leftover wine. 

Cider is especially popular in the U.S. where apples have always been a favorite fall fruit. The first American cider distillery opened in 1780 and it is still in operation today in Eatontown, New Jersey. 

But cider’s popularity fell off during the industrial revolution when many abandoned the country for the prospect of a good wage in the city, resulting in a drop in apple production. As if that weren’t bad enough, Prohibition was just around the corner, putting a stop to all legal cider production in the U.S. until the passing of the 21st Amendment which repealed the 18th Amendment and put an end to the Prohibition Era. 

Despite the relegalization of alcohol, cider didn’t regain its popularity during the 20th century like some others. Luckily, the 2000s saw a resurgence in interest in ciders as a parallel trend to the still popular microbrew explosion that began in the 1990s.

So grab your favorite mug and snuggle up to enjoy the change of season with someone important to you as you celebrate National Mulled Cider Day on September 30th.

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