National Greasy Foods Day

National Greasy Foods DayNational Greasy Foods Day

Grab a bunch of napkins and keep the heartburn pills close as you get ready to celebrate National Greasy Foods Day on October 25th.

While many greasy foods today are associated with low-cost options like fast food, meats and fats used to be reserved for the wealthy due to their cost and every drop was preserved. Stews were popular among the lower classes as a way to avoid losing any of the fat of the meat.  

Today, there’s a widespread perception that fats and oils are bad, but if you don’t have enough fat in your diet you can’t properly absorb essential vitamins like A, D, E, and K. A lack of fat in your food can also make you overeat as your main meals are not satisfying your nutritional needs. 

Obviously, though there are healthy limits and healthier alternatives that can help you enjoy your favorite greasy foods with less guilt. More important than arbitrary rules about what foods are and aren’t healthy is listening to what your body tells you it needs, because sometimes it needs a little fat and oil. 

So whether you swing through the drive-thru at your favorite fast-food place, order a large pizza with a side of cheesy bread, or pick up a bucket of the best fried chicken in town, let yourself enjoy your cravings on October 25th for National Greasy Foods Day.

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