National Cheesecake Day

National Cheesecake DayNational Cheesecake Day

Savor a slice of this heavenly delight on July 30th for National Cheesecake Day. This creamy treat dates all the way back to Ancient Greece when a version of the dish was served to athletes. 

Over the centuries, the dish evolved alongside technological and culinary advancements to the versions we know and love today. One of the most significant of these advancements was the invention of cream cheese in 1872 which revolutionized cheesecake recipes. 

The day commemorates the long history of this sweet treat which was first celebrated in 1985. The day gained popularity in the early 2000s as word spread through online communities. 

So whether you prefer New York, raspberry, or caramel swirl, be sure to have a slice of this decadent dessert on July 30th for National Cheesecake Day.

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