National Caviar Day

National Caviar DayNational Caviar Day

If you’ve never tried this decadent luxury then National Caviar Day on July 18th is a good reason to treat yourself to this indulgent dish. In addition to celebrating this seafood delicacy, the day also strives to raise awareness of sturgeon conservation efforts. 

The earliest record of caviar dates back to the 1200s to the Mongolian ruler Batu Khan. From there, caviar became so popular that the English monarchy dubbed it a royal dish and took legal possession of all sturgeon in the region. 

The type of caviar, its color, and its flavor depend on the species of sturgeon from which the eggs are harvested. In order to protect the sturgeon population and ensure that future generations can enjoy this fishy treat, the U.S. enacted a temporary ban on caviar harvesting.

Sadly, sturgeon populations have not fully recovered from the over-harvesting in the late 1800s and restrictions on the harvesting, importing, and exporting of caviar are still in place. But that just makes it all the more special when you can get your hands on this luxurious delicacy. 

If you have the chance, give caviar a try or at least be sure to toast to the sturgeon this July 18th for National Caviar Day.

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