National Brandied Fruit Day

National Brandied Fruit DayNational Brandied Fruit Day

Get ready to sink your teeth into this boozy treats for National Brandied Fruit Day on October 20th. 

The practice of brandying fruit began as a way to preserve fruits so that they would last throughout the winter. The sugar of the fruit also served to enhance the Brandy itself.

While Brandy has been around since the 14th century when it was used as a medicine, bandied fruits didn’t come onto the scene until the 1800s. The alcohol-infused treats rose to popularity during the Victorian era and maintained their place as a popular luxury treat throughout the 19th century.

So whether you want to try your hand at preserving fruit from your garden or buy them already preserved for use on top of cakes and pastries, be sure to enjoy a few of these long-lasting delicacies on October 20th for National Brandied Fruit Day.

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