National Bacon Lovers’ Day

National Bacon Lovers’ DayNational Bacon Lovers’ Day

Come together with your fellow fanatics to celebrate National Bacon Lovers’ Day on August 20th.

Bacon is one of the first meats in history to have been processed. The people of China began salting pork bellies as far back as 1,500 BCE. In the modern process, the salted pork belly is then dried, boiled, or smoked to further preserve, cook, and flavor the meat.  

Despite the health concerns around bacon’s high sodium and nitrate content, bacon has actually been used as a home remedy for ailments such as constipation and hangovers. Additionally, it has been shown that bacon contains choline, which is essential for healthy brain development in fetuses, making bacon a strongly recommended food if you’re pregnant.  

But the real draw for bacon is its irresistible taste and texture. The popularity of bacon exploded in the late 1990s and hasn’t shown much sign of stopping since. There have been more new bacon recipes and more bacon eaten since the start of this bacon mania than ever previously recorded. 

Today, bacon is kept on hand at all times in more than half of all American households with over 1.7 billion lbs. consumed in the U.S. each year. That’s a lot of bacon and a lot of dedicated bacon lovers.

So hats off to you for your love of this salty breakfast delight on August 20th for National Bacon Lovers’ Day.

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