National Apple Turnover Day

apple turnover dayNational Apple Turnover Day

Celebrate the long history of this tasty pastry for National Apple Turnover Day on July 5th. Turnovers, also known as hand pies due to their portable design, are small pastries made with fruit or meat folded inside a flaky pie crust that is then baked or fried. Often, sugar or icing is added to the top for extra sweetness. 

Apple turnovers are thought to have been created in the 17th century in the French town of Saint-Calais. As legend has it, the town was saved by the fruity pastry as ingredients for its making were passed out by the Lady of the Town, or chatelaine, during an epidemic. The apple turnovers that the townspeople were able to make kept them fed during the shortages that accompanied the sickness. 

The town of Saint-Calais is also likely the origin of National Apple Turnover Day as it celebrates the tasty pocket-sized pie during the yearly Chaussons aux Pommes Festival. 

Be sure to join in on the festivities by heading out to your local bakery or pastry shop or trying your hand at making your own on July 5th for National Apple Turnover Day.

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