World Whisky Day

World Whisky DayWorld Whisky Day

Celebrate this classic liquor for World Whisky Day on May 21st. The history of whisky stretches back over 500 years.

The first official mention of whisky can be traced to 1405 in Scotland. It was noted in a family history that a member of the clan had died from overindulging in the drink during Christmas festivities. From there, the practice of distillation spread throughout Scotland. 

When Scottish immigrants began making their way to the Americas in the 1600s, they brought the recipes and techniques for distilling whisky with them. It was during this same period, 1608 in fact when Ireland opened its first officially licensed whisky distillery.   

Whisky was such a highly universal drink during the American Revolution it was even used as a form of currency. When the fledgling government of America levied a whisky tax, it led to a three-year rebellion that was put down by national forces under the order of George Washington. 

As time and technology progressed into the age of industrialization, new methods in the whisky-making process began to look like the modern processes we use today. And even prohibition couldn’t stop the legacy of whisky as it enjoyed a loophole in the restrictions on alcohol that allowed it to be sold as a medicinal product. 

Whatever style of whisky or way you dress it, make sure to raise a glass to this historical drink on May 21st for World Whisky Day.

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