Throwback Dishes and Retro Desserts

Throwback Dishes and Retro DessertsThrowback Dishes and Retro Desserts

Nostalgia has been a huge growing trend in the food industry as of late and, as a result, a number of throwback dishes and retro desserts have made the rounds trending on social media. 

These trendy recipes act as a culinary time capsule, transporting us back to the kitchens of our grandmothers or even sometimes great or great-great grandmothers. 

This trend of going super old school with cooking is also tied to a need for many households to reduce their grocery bill as the cost of living, and especially the cost of food, continues to rise.  

One TikToker, comedian B. Dylan Hollis, has even made a name for himself by making recipes from vintage cookbooks from the 1800’s to the1960s. Some of the recipes he has recreated include a water pie, chocolate beet cake, tomato soup cake, and a candle salad.

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