The Rise Of Sour and Exotic Flavors

The Rise Of Sour and Exotic FlavorsThe Rise Of Sour and Exotic Flavors

Sour and exotic flavors are seeing a large surge in interest thanks to a combination of wellness and adventure trends that have been steadily building momentum. As our world becomes more globalized, we are able to access foods from around the world and experience new flavors.

This flavor-based adventurism becomes even more enticing when paired with a known flavor that the consumer is already comfortable with. This is especially true when working with a product that has a high nostalgia factor, another powerful trending space in the flavor market. For example, you might be hesitant to buy a whole new type of fruit that you don’t know how to prepare or eat, but you are much more likely to try that fruit as a flavor of yogurt or as part of an orange juice blend. 

In addition to the excitement of trying exotic and sour flavors, these fruits and flavors also enjoy a strong wellness association that makes them not just enticing but something that is often actively sought by consumers. With health benefits that range from boosting the immune system to reducing inflammation, these sour, exotic flavors offer peace of mind and that irreplaceable feeling of doing something good for your health. 

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