National Wine Day

National Wine DayNational Wine Day

Celebrate one of the oldest and most influential beverages on earth for National Wine Day on May 25th. Wine itself dates back thousands of years with the earliest evidence of wine making dating to 6,000 BC, though the practice is likely far older even still. 

However, ancient wine is quite a bit different from the beverage we know today. Ancient Egyptians would often add pomegranate, figs, or dates to the grape based mixture. 

Skipping over a few thousand years, wine grapes were first gown in the US in 1628 in New Mexico. Today, California is the wine capital of America with over 800 wineries.    

While there is a huge amount of history to wine, National Wine Day has only been around since 2009. Celebrate this historically significant drink on May 25th for National Wine Day.

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