National White Chocolate Day

National White Chocolate DayNational White Chocolate Day

Celebrate this classic confection that isn’t actually chocolate at all for National White Chocolate Day on September 23rd. Despite the name, white chocolate doesn’t have any cacao in it at all, making it ideal for those who are allergic or averse to traditional chocolate. 

Even though it lacks the traditional ingredient of chocolate’s origin, white chocolate is still recognized as chocolate by the FDA, though the inclusion was not made until 2004. 

White chocolate is believed to have been invented by the Nestlé company in 1930 in Switzerland. The first white chocolate bar was called the Galak bar or the MilkyBar in English. 

​A new formulation and technique were then invented in the U.S. by Kuno Baedeker of Merckens Chocolate Company in 1945. The first U.S.-made, mass-produced white chocolate bar followed soon after with Nestlé’s Alpine White bar which included almonds.

So whether you grab a candy bar, an assorted box, or even some chocolate-covered strawberries, make sure they’re white chocolate on September 23rd for National White Chocolate Day.

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