National Truffle Day

National Truffle DayNational Truffle Day

Celebrate this delicious delicacy on May 2nd for National Truffle Day. Truffles are named after the truffle mushroom because their round shape resembles that of the precious fungi. 

Traditionally made by coating a ganache center with chocolate, icing, nuts, coconut, or cocoa powder. Sometimes caramel, fudge, or other fillings are used instead of or in conjunction with the ganache core. 

The inventor of the chocolate truffle is believed to be N. Petruccelli who created the delicacy in 1895. The truffle became an instant favorite with a growing presence throughout Europe by the early 1900s. This is thanks in part to the opening of the Prestat Chocolate Shop in London in 1902. 

Sink your teeth into one of these decadent little treats on May 2nd for National Truffle Day.

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