National Taffy Day

National Taffy DayNational Taffy Day

Don’t miss this year's celebration of this classic confection on May 23rd for National Taffy Day. 

Taffy is made by stretching a mixture of boiled sugar and butter until it becomes the chewy gooey delight that is taffy. The first mention of taffy goes all the way back to 1817 when the term was included in the Oxford English Dictionary so it can safely be assumed that actual taffy was being made some years prior. 

From there, the famous saltwater taffy was created in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1883. As the story goes, candy shops on the Jersey Shore suffered a flood that soaked the taffy in saltwater from the Atlantic. And so salt water taffy was born. 

No matter what the exact history of this tasty boardwalk treat, grab a piece from your local candy shop this May 23rd for National Taffy Day.

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